Silicone Beauty Blender

So I have been wanting to try out this famous silicone beauty blender for a while now, my skin is awful and sometimes make up can appear patchy which is just not acceptable. Before reading, please note that I am completely attached to my sponge beauty blender and changing to something else is a pretty big thing (haha) so I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible.

The silicone jelly blender offers some amazing benefits of use; the two main benefits for me are that it is easy to clean which means it can be cleaned after every single use, getting rid of unwanted germs and dead skin that becomes embedded in your regular sponge blender. This creates a more hygienic look and for make up artists on the go, it’s super useful to use for all clients and wash after each use, rather than using multiple sponge blenders throughout your busy day.

The second amazing benefit is that it uses a hell of a lot less foundation that a regular sponge blender, as the silicone blender is unable to absorb any foundation whatsoever. This is a lot more economical for both personal use, and as a make up artist, as you save on so much foundation and therefore it doesn’t run out as quickly.

See below for my own comparisons of the Sponge & Silicone Blenders:


As you can see there is a clear difference in the amount of foundation that has come off each of the sponges, with the silicone jelly proving to be the best in terms of non-absorption!

So, I would definitely recommend the silicone sponge for both personal use and for busy make up artists. This particular beauty (blender) is available for a decent purchase price of £7.95 on !

Thanks for reading.

Love Loz x


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