UD Eyeshadow Vault

This UD exclusive is something I couldn’t keep my mind off since seeing it in Covent Garden. I was amazed how many different shadows were encased in this wondrous palette, the range of textures and shades are breath taking & there hasn’t been one day (where I actually wore make up) that I haven’t used at least one shade. It’s perfect for people who like to try out different styles due to its complete and diverse selection, there are many looks that can be crafted from this & so would be great for an individual purchaser or as a make up artist.

See below for shades and details:


TOP ROW (left to right):

  • SCORPIO Black shadow with gold shimmer undertones
  • ZODIAC: Dark green shadow with shimmer
  • VORTEX: Olive green shadow with dark shimmer
  • MOONSPOONSilver shimmer shade
  • SHOCKWAVE: Deep Purple with lilac shimmer

MIDDLE-TOP ROW (left to right):

  • BLACKOUT: Matte Black
  • LOUNGE: Grey/Green matte
  • MILDEW: Olive green matte
  • MUSHROOM: Earthy-grey matte
  • ROCKSTAR: Deep purple matte

MIDDLE-BOTTOM ROW (left to right):

  • SOLSTICE: Pink shadow with blue shimmer
  • SPACE COWBOYBronze shimmer
  • DARKFORCE: Dark Gold shimmer
  • INTERSTELLAR: Bright Gold shimmer
  • COSMICWhite Iridescent shimmer

BOTTOM ROW (left to right):

  • LAST CALL:  Plum purple matte
  • SCRATCHBaby Pink matte
  • BUSTED: Copper/Brown matte
  • XRose-Gold matte
  • SELL-OUT: Nude matte

As you can see above, I have highlighted some shades, these are my go-to shadows! Although I am very much attached to my glitter and no-one has seen me with an all matte eye look (yet).

Here are two of my favourite looks with this vault:


  1. Base: Sellout
  2. Outer Corner of Eye: Busted
  3. Lid: Scratch
  4. Blending Outer Corner with Lid: X
  5. Water Line: Space Cowboy
  6. Tear Duct: Space Cowboy


  1. Base: Sellout
  2. Outer Corner of Eye: Scorpio
  3. Lid: Mushroom
  4. Blending Outer Corner with Lid: Moonspoon
  5. Water Line: Cosmic
  6. Tear Duct: Cosmic

Although I can’t recommend this enough, this shadow vault is no longer available for purchase on any legit website or in any UD stores (that I am aware of) but is on sale on Ebay and I paid around £200 for this.

Thanks for reading!

Love Loz x


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