Make Up Primers

I have used a variety of make-up primers throughout the past year and a half, but these are the last 3 I have used, Dior being the one I am currently using now. Previous to this I have used Too Faced Replenishing Primer with Coconut Water & also Benefit Cosmetic’s POREfessional, both of which are fantastic. The primers described in this post represent the best and worst of what I have used. (The worst being not as bad as I make out)

1. MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base (50ml)

This primer is great, long lasting & will probably out-live 2-3 foundations like it has with me. I don’t tend to use MAC foundation as I find it quite heavy, but this primer offers a light weight and moisturising fix up for an every day look. I used this primer on days where I didn’t fancy make-up just because of its fresh feeling on my skin. It has a slight glitter tinge to it & I loved that. The price of this fantastic primer was £30 and is available in yellow & pink to counteract any red circles/patches on your face.

2.  Kat Von D Lock It Featherweight Primer & Base (30ml)

This best thing about this primer is that it lasted the same amount of time as it’s partner in crime, the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, which meant I could then go on to buy other matching primer/foundation combo. The term “featherweight” should not be ignored, it is like pumping water and trying to cover every aspect of your face. It imitates a moisturiser but after around 10 seconds of application it feels like you’ve sanitised your face and it has all evaporated leaving you with, once again, dry skin. I would not buy this moisturiser again, but not because it is bad, the reason for this is that it doesn’t compliment my dry skin type. It is available to buy for £24 (making it the cheapest of the bunch).

3. DiorSkin Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base (30ml)

This is my current primer, coupled with Dior’s Star Skin Foundation. This lightweight, pink toned primer is perfect for me, it’s extremely moisturising and therefore application of foundation is so much easier. It is my favourite by far out of the three as it’s thick enough without being too clumpy on my skin, but not completely liquid either. Additionally, it smells amazing, without being overpowering and leaving your skin with the same fragrance all day. I couldn’t recommend this enough & for £28 its a steal (for Dior, anyway).


So the order I would rank these primers from best to “worst”:

  1. DiorSkin Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base
  2. MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base
  3. Kat Von D Lock It Featherweight Primer & Base

All of which lasted me about a month if not longer (MAC).

But I am sure I’ll be doing another in the next few months with a few different ones.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Loz x


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