Too Faced Natural Love Collection

An Apology

So sorry I’ve been super flakey, I’ve been meaning to upload a new post for so long, even taking pictures of products and then I find myself so tired I just can’t put words to paper (or laptop in this case). I got a new job on the day of my last post, and it has completely wiped me out, I am out the house for 12 hours a day and so before and after work I feel like crap and I want to sleep alllll the time. So if anyone has any good tips for motivation and feeling refreshed please hit me up.


So the Natural Love Collection by Too Faced launched some time ago, and I was obsessed from the start, the Natural Love Palette has sooo many different shades and textures, I just had to get my hands on it. Since then I was determined to have it one way or another, and a few weeks ago I seized the opportunity of payday to have a “treat yo’self” moment.

The Palette


First things first, can we speak about this heavenly packaging? The writing is VELVET! It feels so soft, and the 3D foam detail on the letters in beautiful. The palette itself includes a little guide with a few ideas for eyeshadow looks including most of the shades in the palettes! This is great for those buying this for personal use and professional use as it would give yourself/client some ideas or inspiration for an eye look to suit a specific occasion. The palette itself contains 30 shades and a large mirror for precise application.


The shades are truly my favourite! These are my go to colours and so this palette is so well suited to me. Here are some of my favourite combinations so far

Look One: Nude Smoke

  • Base Colour: Satin Sheets
  • Outer Corner: Coffee Date
  • Lid Colour: Hot & Bothered
  • Inner Corner: Spotlight
  • Waterline: Honey Butter


Look Two: Pink Nude

  • Base Colour: Lace Teddy
  • Outer Corner: Tickle Me
  • Lid Colour: Bunny Nose
  • Inner Corner: Poodle
  • Waterline: Pink Cheeks


The Highlighter

img_10381-e1498567617981.jpg  IMG_1040[1]

This iridescent beauty is called “Blinded By The Light” and wasn’t I when I bought this! This shade is the perfect highlight for my very fair skin as it doesn’t add a harsh colour to it upon application. It is amazing for use in the usual spots; on the brow bone,  cheek bones, tip of the nose & cupids bow. The packaging is beautiful and it has a very premium feel about it, I can’t wait to try the other shades!


The True Love Palette

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Shades: 5/5
  • Application 4.5/5

The Prismatic Highlighter in shade “Blinded By The Light”

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Shade: 5/5
  • Application 4/5

Thank you for reading!

Loz X


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